Speculation Alert!


Among the guests on this weekend’s Face the State; Joe Scarborough of MSNBC.

Connecticut political observers took note this week when Scarborough made Governor Dannel Malloy and legislative Democrats an example of tax policy gone wrong on his national morning show on the mostly liberal leaning network.

It was also notable that Scarborough, a Connecticut resident, made a very public appearance last week at the annual GOP Prescott Bush dinner. These two facts, when taken together, will force Face the State host Dennis House to ask the obvious question Sunday morning: Does the former Florida congressman think he might run for office in Connecticut?

We have another question. Will Dennis make us wait until Sunday to find out?

Friday PM Update: Scarborough writes op-ed for Hartford Courant.

Meanwhile…on Fox CT Sunday morning, former two-time Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley will talk to Al Terzi and Jenn Bernstein about Governor Malloy and the recently concluded legislative session. We are told Foley will be asked if he is considering running for governor a third time.