Slow and Steady


    As the week comes to a close, Winsted Citizen editor Andy Thibault is comparing the new paper to the “turtle that wins the race.”

    After hearing last week that Ralph Nader does not plan to provide any further funding for the start-up he claimed full credit for, Thibault says he and the Citizen’s staff have agreed to keep moving forward and make good on all commitments made to advertisers, subscribers, and the community.

    Meanwhile, Editor & Publisher is reporting(or reminding us) that this is not the first time Nader has provided financial backing for a local paper in Winsted only to back away. The Winsted Phoenix was in print from 2019 to 2021.

    When it comes to the Winsted Citizen, Nader is now the story.

    Late Thursday Thibault posted on social media that he and his team are “grateful” Nader funded the first edition of the paper, noting that they would not be working on their third edition if Nader hadn’t paid for the first.