Slippery Slope


Have you ever wondered why some public officials and private sector leaders are slow to make public apologies when things go wrong?

One reason is; once you start down the apology path it’s usually those who are trying to bring you down who decide whether your apology is sincere or good enough.

This is the situation Fredricka Whitfield(WTNH alum) found herself in Monday, one day after apologizing for something she said on CNN Saturday. It seems clear – watching the tape – that Whitfield simply mis-spoke when she called a Dallas gunman “courageous and brave” after he attacked Dallas police headquarters Saturday. We know this because the next words out her mouth – “and crazy” – show what she really meant.

In the 24 hours after her initial apology, other networks and bloggers demanded a new apology and Monday Whitfield was forced to say she not only apologized – she “sincerely apologized.” We can only wait to see if that’s good enough or if the apology police keep pushing for greater public humiliation.