Schroeder Fix


Photo: AP

For those of you unable to get enough of the Michael Schroeder/Sheldon Adelson/Las Vegas Review-Journal story; here’s something new from the weekend.

According to the Huffington Post, Schroeder, the publisher of the New Britain Herald and Bristol Press, offered former Herald reporter Scott Whipple $5,000 to write a freelance article about business courts in Nevada. The offer came three months before the story appeared in the Herald under a pseudonym.

Whipple, who had recently retired from the Herald after working there for 17 years, declined the offer. He thought it was an odd request and outside his area of expertise and interest.

The new revelation shows the level of determination Schroeder and Adelson seemed to share in exposing, on their terms, a court system they considered to be unfair to Adelson’s Nevada business interests.