Rowland to Host at WTIC-AM


The Governor is back on the airwaves.

WTIC-AM has announced that former Governor John Rowland will be hosting his own show at the station.  The show will air from 3 to 6 p.m. on WTIC 1080. Co-hosting with Rowland will be Rev. Will Marotti, senior pastor at New Life Church in Meriden. The pair has a 1-year contract with the station.

Apparently the folks at WTIC were impressed with Rowland when he went on the air for a few days in the July.  Rowland has been in talks with WTIC for months.

From WTIC-AM’s press release:

Rowland and Marotti will focus on and talk about local issues that affect our towns and state, including the elections coming up this fall.  The show won’t be all politics as the pair plan to tackle overcoming adversity and dealing with life’s challenges; they won’t be afraid to discuss issues that affect everyday life. With a call in format anything goes and Rowland and Marotti bring the candor and experience of 25 years in public life and 25 years of ministry experience.

Colin McEnroe, who inhabited this time-slot for a dozen years at WTIC, believes the show will be a success.