Psaki Prime Time


Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, a native of Stamford, Connecticut, is getting a chance to host in prime time for MSNBC.

Later this month her show will begin airing on Monday nights at eight. Her weekend show runs Sunday’s at noon. MSNBC has slowly been moving Psaki into higher profile roles since her quick move last year from White House insider to TV journalism.

Moving Psaki to Monday nights at 8p.m. will give the regular host of that hour, Chris Hayes, time to work on other projects. Close observers have noticed the Monday show being hosted by a rotating group of anchors for weeks, a sign that the Psaki move is in part an accommodation for Hayes.

Historical Footnote: Psaki once said from the White House podium that she had no plans to return to Connecticut to run for governor when she was asked to comment on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ decision to run for governor of Arkansas. Sanders had been a Trump press secretary.