Program Note


With the evolution of the Faith Middleton show into the Thursday-only Food Schmooze,* WNPR is going to carry three extra hours of the NPR program Here and Now each week.

The program, which is produced by WBUR in Boston, will air at 3p.m. Monday-Wednesday(meet the staff).

Friday is of course for Science Friday.

Two other options for WNPR to consider: producer Lori Mack did a great job filling in for Middleton. What about the Lori Mack Show? Or the Mack Report?

Or what if the reporting staff at WNPR re-organized to produce a daily local hour long lead-in to All Things Considered to run at 3p.m. and 7p.m. each weekday?

Not that anyone asked.

*The Food Schmooze is re-broadcast on Saturdays at noon.

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