In April, CNN announced it would air a show co-hosted by former WFSB anchor Gayle King and former NBA player Charles Barkley. It would air once a week and would feature King and Barkley offering their takes on the news. It would be entertaining, we were told.

Then the man behind the idea, former CNN President Chris Licht, a Connecticut native, was fired.

In August, CNN announced new anchor line-ups and promised the King-Barkley experiment would go forward on an occasional basis “in the fall.” It’s now November and there are no signs the show will make air and no official signs it has been scrapped. But given world events in the Middle East, in U.S. politics, and the continuing war in Ukraine, it is hard to imagine CNN interrupting its line-up of live hard news programming for a disconnected chat about the world from the perspective of two wealthy elite celebrities with no specific expertise in any of the topics leading the conversation.

Whether CNN will ever officially say “never mind about that idea,” it appears reality has intervened against the concept.


Former ABC hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are returning to the air as podcasters with iHeartMedia. Their weekly show begins December 5 and they promise “nothing will be off limits.” As you will remember, Robach and Holmes were let go in January after their romantic relationship was made public.

After considerable deliberation, the show has been named “Amy & T.J.” after other name combinations were debated internally and ultimately rejected as potentially confusing to listeners.


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