O’Reilly on the Ropes


Former WFSB anchor and Fox News star Bill O’Reilly appears to be in jeopardy of losing his position at the network following new reports of sexual harassment claims made against him over the years.

The network is refusing to say whether O’Reilly will be returning to work from his current vacation and multiple reports say a debate is underway inside the network about whether to pull him off the air.

The current controversy began with a New York Times article earlier this month that estimated O’Reilly and Fox have paid various women a total of $13 million to settle harassment claims against O’Reilly. A second report last week detailed how O’Reilly’s behavior helped push former Fox News rival Megyn Kelly to NBC News.

Of course the story truly began when Gretchen Carlson of Greenwich filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. The fallout from Carlson’s decision to come forward has been cascading through the company ever since.

An O’Reilly departure could lead to a promotion for Tucker Carlson(a former Trinity College student) who has been performing very well in the ratings as Kelly’s replacement.