Not That We’re Counting…


Follow up now on a story we told you about last week…

A group of current and former staffers of the Hartford Courant gathered Friday for a send-off for Mark Mirko who is leaving for CT Public Media. Mirko’s departure means the paper no longer has any full-time photographers on staff. The paper is using freelancers for photography.

Zero is a far cry from the photo staff of 34 the Courant employed back in the year 2000, as noted on Facebook by former Courant photog Shana Sureck:

There were many posts this weekend blaming the paper’s present owner, Alden Global Capital, for the Courant’s decline. While Alden has shown no interest in preserving the paper as a local institution, and little interest in journalism, it is also true that the rise of the cell phone camera has decimated newspaper photography across the country.

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