Not Meant to Be


There is some debate over who coined the phrase “The Great Mentioner.” Was it William Safire or Art Buchwald? The term describes the habit of political reporters to say, “He/she is being ‘mentioned’ as a possible candidate for the White House.”

No one ever says who is doing the mentioning which suggests it is either the candidate himself or the reporters covering the candidate.

In TV news there’s something similar: “The Great Chemist.” It is the person or persons who decide to throw two or three people together as co-hosts and – whether it’s true or not – deem them to have chemistry.

This appears to be what happened when CNN paired Poppy Harlow(a recent Yale student) and Phil Mattingly as co-anchors of CNN’s morning news broadcast. That was August. Now, less than six months later, it’s over. Call it a day. Sorry it had to end this way. The Harlow/Mattingly pairing came after the chemical lab accident created when CNN teamed Harlow with Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins. It turns out the chemistry was all wrong.

CNN has announced a new morning line-up that splits the morning down the middle.

Kasie Hunt will now anchor what will be called CNN This MorningĀ running from 5a.m. – 7a.m.

CNN News Central, featuring John Berman, Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner will move to 7a.m. and run until 10a.m.

Harlow and Mattingly are in discussions about how they might stay at CNN. There is reason to believe they have a future with the network. Berman is another former co-anchor of CNN This Morning.