New Directions


Even as the management team at the Hartford Courant works to sort out who will be leaving as part of the latest employee buy out offer, the paper is clearly planning for its future: A future more dependent on visual content produced for the Internet.

As The Laurel reported last week, a handful of veteran feature writers have agreed to take advantage of the buy out plan put on the table last month. At the same time, the paper is advertising for videographers.

As is the case at many newspapers, the focus of the Courant is moving away from print. The only questions seem to be how far and how fast?

Meanwhile, sources tell us as many as a half dozen long time newsroom employees – as yet un-named publicly – are waiting for their retirement decisions to be given official approval. A final list of the departing veterans may be known over the course of the next two weeks. Regular readers will be disappointed, but not surprised(some have simply reached retirement age) so many high profile Courant personalities have agreed to leave after decades with the paper.