Names In The News


And now for a periodic feature we like to call “names in the news” or “this and that.”

Nicole Nalepa is marking ten years at WFSB. The morning anchor started on-air at the station as a traffic reporter.

The ratings were not good for the first episode of King Charles on CNN. The Wednesday night talk show featuring former WFSB anchor Gayle King and former NBA player Charles Barkley has a limited run scheduled through at least the first quarter of next year.

Whether they know it or not, it appears MSNBC has the stable of talent necessary to change the way cable news is collected, produced, and put on air. Most of the hosts who produced the Showtime series The Circus, serve as contributors to the network. In addition, MSNBC has reporters like Jacob Soboroff and Paolo Ramos, who have demonstrated an ability to deliver stories in the same live doc style as the now canceled Showtime production. For a few dollars more, MSNBC could adopt the Circus/Vice News approach to news gathering and put it on an existing platform with a dedicated audience.

The reporter in the field and behind the scenes – run and gun style – was popular in the final years of Ted Koppel’s tenure at Nightline.

Quarterly update: Last week former CNBC franchise player Maria Bartiromo continued her plunge into the rabbit hole when she asked a guest on air if President Biden was really running the country or if he was carrying out the orders of Barack Obama. During another interview she suggested an American hostage – a toddler – was released, because her family had supported Biden’s campaign and bought Hunter Biden’s art.

Which leads us to our quarterly question: What happened to Maria Bartiromo?


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