NABJ Goes Virtual for 2020 Convention


The National Association of Black Journalists announced that its annual convention and career fair will still take place, only virtually.

“The new dates for our virtual convention are August 5-9, 2020. We will have 85 plus sessions including meal events and online networking events. There are costs associated with a virtual conference so there will be registration fees offered at the best rates possible for our members and attendees,” according to an NABJ news update sent out by president Dorothy Tucker.

The association was able to avoid $1.3 million in hotel contract cancellation charges with Marriott and Omni hotels.

“Timing, legal counsel and other requirements, along with tough negotiations on the part of NABJ and Marriott, were all essential parts of getting to a final successful resolution for our members and attendees,” Tucker, also a veteran investigative reporter for CBS Chicago (WBBM), wrote.

The 2020 convention was slated to take place in July in Washington D.C. NABJ has yet to release the convention schedule.

“This is uncharted territory for NABJ. We are enlisting the help of professionals and companies that routinely do virtual conferences, but we’re also looking for members who have experience in the virtual convention space,” Tucker wrote.