Morley Safer, 84


A week after he announced his full retirement from CBS News, and its premiere news magazine 60 Minutes, Morley Safer, formerly of Chester, Connecticut and New York City, is dead.

He was 84. We learned today he had been in declining health for sometime and that apparently led to his decision last week to announce his retirement.

Having spent some of the last week reviewing his 50 year body of work, it is not difficult to conceive of an entire college journalism course based solely on an examination of his approach to story-telling and the scope of his career. Few have continually maintained a comparable standard of excellence over a similar period of time.

It is hard to imagine anyone matching his unique style in the future, in part because the demands of present day news outlets simply allows no space, or place for it. That’s not a criticism, it is just the way it is.

The CBS News website has a full multi-media exploration of Safer 101.