More Names In The News


Keith Olbermann, who once worked at ESPN, which is headquartered in Bristol, is being pushed through the rumor mill at MSNBC. There have been several reports in recent days that the network is in talks to bring Olbermann back to MSNBC to fill the 8p.m. time slot. This would be news for a number of reasons not least of which being that the last time Olbermann left MSNBC he did so in bridge burning style that made him radioactive for a time in broadcast journalism.

Beth Hamilton. The former Hartford Courant reporter and Southern Connecticut State University professor is on the move again. This time she is joining the communications office of the Connecticut Hospital Association. She’ll be back teaching part-time at SCSU next semester.

David Carson. The St. Louis based photojournalist is making headlines for taking a stand against big media companies that want to use the creative work of non-employees for free. This issue has relevance everywhere for freelancers trying to make a living in a marketplace flooded with free content.

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