Monday Memo


As news crews from around the region cover the shutdown of I-95 in Norwalk at least one made a return to the market from her current broadcast home. Former Fox 61 reporter Lissette Nunez, who now works for Fox 5 New York was reporting live from the scene Friday morning.

Speaking of Fox 61, as we reported last week, anchor Tim Lammers returns to the air today(Monday) after being out for several weeks recovering from hip surgery.

An obituary has now been published for former Waterbury Republican-American journalist Mark Silvestrini who died on April 22.

Of note for journalists…

Photo: U.S. Army

Near the beginning of the current top selling film Civil War, the two women photographers at the center of the drama connect while discussing the career of Lee Miller, a famous war photographer who made her mark covering World War II. A film about Miller starring Kate Winslet is scheduled to premiere in the U.S. in the fall.

Follow up…

As we reported last month, two anchors have left WCPO in Cincinnati as part of a newsroom re-structuring. Station management decided to eliminate two anchors in order to hire five additional reporters.

This move at the local level comes a few months after the new leader of CNN announced a long term plan to move away from the practice of seeking out big name talent with huge salary demands as a means to re-focus spending on news gathering.