Manic Monday


    Let’s start the week on another down note, shall we?

    Less than a week after we posted a summary of a tough January for the news industry others are weighing in with their assessments and prescriptions for a focused path forward.

    The Hollywood Reporter had this summary of the latest signs of a declining industry.

    In The Washington Post, columnist Perry Bacon, Jr. asks us to stipulate that the old ways are behind us and suggests the only way forward is to narrow the focus on the journalism that is most important to the news audience:

    “So what kind of journalism should Americans be willing to fund? Three kinds in particular. Government and policy news, particularly at the local and state levels; watchdog journalism that closely scrutinizes powerful individuals, companies and political leaders; and cultural coverage, from important books and movies to faith and spirituality.

    According to Bacon these three areas cover the major crises facing the country.

    The question remains; is anyone buying or donating, or otherwise willing to fund, Bacon’s vision?