Licht Leaving


It shouldn’t be that hard, but apparently it is.

Connecticut native and recent CEO of CNN Chris Licht has lost his job after about one year.

The decision was announced Wednesday morning a week after an unflattering behind the scenes profile was published by The Atlantic and after a year of drifting and mis-steps.

Why do we say it shouldn’t be that hard to run CNN? Here are some pointers for the next CEO:

  1. CNN has a legacy – stay true to that legacy.
  2. CNN has a brand promise – deliver on the promise.
  3. Do nothing to detract from the legacy or the brand promise.
  4. Do everything possible to build on the legacy and the brand promise.

Reminder: The legacy and the brand promise are rooted in delivering news in a complete and fair manner. There is nothing about ratings in either the legacy or the promise.

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