La Liz Exits


Ok, full disclosure: Liz Grey Godbout is one of our favorite people in the Connecticut media universe. After a second stint at FOX61, she is leaving the news director role to…live her life (our words, not hers).

To avoid reinventing the wheel, here’s how we described her when she returned to FOX61 four years ago:

If broadcast news is combat, Liz Grey Godbout is one of the most battle-tested, experienced and decorated soldiers around. As we reported last month, Fox61 has lost news director Colleen Marren, but Liz is stepping in. Most recently she worked as CT Communications Manager at Frontier but is best known to Laurel readers as a former News Director at WTNH (’90-’95), VP of News at NBC CT (’98-’01), served in an advisory capacity at Fox61 c. 2009,  and Editor at Large at Hartford Magazine (2012-13). Surely we’ve missed something, but suffice to say it’s great to have someone with knowledge of this state at the helm of one of the major news organizations. Oh, and did we mention she’s from Woodbridge? Good to have you back in the News Director chair, Liz.

Wishing you the best, Liz.


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