Kissinger, Koppel, Kent


Longtime Kent, Connecticut resident Henry Kissinger, a former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State, died Wednesday at his home at the age of 100.

After he left government service he remained active in international affairs and in local politics. He often allowed himself to be used as “the draw” for Republican fundraisers across Connecticut, including on behalf of his fellow Kent resident, the late Senator M. Adela Eads.

In the early 1980s, he often appeared on ABC’s Nightline program as a guest of Ted Koppel, who covered the State Department during Kissinger’s time in office. Most of those appearances were done from WTNH’s studios in New Haven. Later, WTNH was one of the first stations to receive a satellite truck co-op deal with the network, allowing Kissinger to appear live from his home in Kent.

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