King Faces Rose Dilemma


There are few things in life as challenging as standing by a friend who has been accused of wrongdoing. That is especially true if you are a public figure.

Former WFSB anchor Gayle King is facing that challenge less than 24 hours after the Washington Post published a story quoting eight women who accuse Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct. Rose and King, along with Norah O’Donnell, are the co-hosts of CBS This Morning. Rose has been suspended by CBS pending an investigation. The Charlie Rose show has also been pulled from PBS and Bloomberg.

Tuesday morning King and O’Donnell opened their CBS show with a full report on the accusations against Rose. After which both also said they stand with and support the women making allegations against their colleague. It was King however who took a special moment to say she has a strong friendship with Rose and that she is having difficulty reconciling the Rose she knows with the one portrayed in the Post story. She noted she had less than two hours sleep last night and said she planned to talk to Rose, as a friend, later in the day on Tuesday.

It was a moment of honesty WFSB viewers will recognize as pure Gayle.