Some random items from the end of summer…

Frontline. The PBS documentary series is teaming up with WGBH in Boston to launch a new podcast that will bring the Frontline approach to story telling to ear buds near you.

Thumbs Down. Also from Boston…the editorial page of the Boston Globe has come out against the proposed merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media. As you know, Tribune owns Fox 61 and WCCT in Connecticut.

Ryan Anastasio. The Woodbridge 15 year old is getting notice for his political website featuring interviews with top politicians and political commentators like New Canaan’s Joe Scarborough.

Katie Couric. At 60 years old the former host of the Today Show and former anchor of the CBS Evening News opens up to Anna Sale, formerly of WNPR, on Sale’s Death, Sex and Money podcast.

Front Porch. Finally, from the Hartfordite website of WFSB’s Dennis House, a look back at the flood of 1936 in Hartford. Today’s featured imaged was taken from what is today the front door of McDowell Jewett Communications back when our building was brand new. And in this photo, our front door is blocked by high water.