Jackson to White House


NBC News has named former WFSB reporter Hallie Jackson as a White House correspondent. She will be joining her fellow road warrior Kristen Welker at 1600 Penn.

Jackson will continue to anchor the 10a.m. hour on MSNBC.

This will lead many of you to ask; What about Katy Tur? NBC says Tur will anchor the 2p.m. hour on MSNBC at least through Trump’s first 100 days. Tur, you may remember, was stationed overseas before she was dropped into the Trump campaign for what was expected to be just a few weeks or a few months. She is currently writing a book about her experience covering Trump that is tentatively titled: Unbelievable!

To complete the NBC “Road Warrior” update, Kasie Hunt has been assigned to Capitol Hill. All the NBC political assignments are here.