In Dr. Oz’s Waiting Room


Rehearsals are on at WFSB which is launching a new 4:30 pm newscast at 4:30PM. Also in the works, lifestyle show “Better Connecticut” is being shortened from one hour to 30 minutes. But what might appear to be a slap at Better Connecticut is apparently a temporary move to compensate for the weak performance of The Dr. Oz Show which serves as a lead-in to the station’s 5pm news.

– The Dr. Oz Show will move to 3:00PM from 4PM

-Better Connecticut will move to 4:00PM from 3PM

Insiders tell us that once the station’s contract with Dr. Oz expires in 2020, Better Connecticut will go back to its one-hour length at 3 pm and the station will start live news at 4 pm.

Eyewitness News anchors Erin Connolly and Mark Zinni will anchor the new 4:30pm newscast while meteorologist Mark Dixon will do the weather. The program will be broadcast and streamed live from the WFSB newsroom and begins airing on September 9th.