Vella: I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia


First of all, the headline is ours and not a reflection of how Vinny Vella feels about Hartford, Philadelphia, or any point in between. As is usually the case, Vinny did not write the headline!

The Laurel has learned Vella is leaving the Hartford Courant and returning to Philadelphia where he will cover the suburbs around that city for the Inquirer.

This is somewhat surprising because only a month ago he was elevated to the position of metro columnist and was expected to write about the city of Hartford at least twice a week.

The move back to Philly puts Vella on a well worn trail for Courant writers and editors who have migrated back and forth between the Insurance Capital and the City of Brotherly Love through the years. (The trip necessarily takes each through the Elm City, the Park City and the City that Works if they choose Amtrak. Which they often have.)

The list includes, but is not limited to:

Helen Ubinas
Carrie Budoff Brown
Brian Toolan

Photo: W.C. Fields. – A popular bit of Fields folklore maintains that his grave marker is inscribed, “I’d rather be in Philadelphia”—or some close variant. The legend originated from a mock epitaph that Fields wrote himself for a 1925 Vanity Fair article: “Here Lies / W.C. Fields / I Would Rather Be Living in Philadelphia.” In reality, his interment marker bears only his stage name and the years of his birth and death. – Wikipedia.