House Family


Friday night the sports documentary House Family premieres on CPTV at 8p.m.

WFSB’s John Holt spent a year following the New Haven Hillhouse girls basketball team as the team sought its 4th consecutive state championship.

Holt did most of the reporting and shooting for the project:

“When I first learned the story of Hillhouse Girls Basketball Coach Catrina Hawley-Stewart, and the fact that she was winning championships while simultaneously – and unexpectedly – raising her late sister’s three children, I immediately sensed she was an extraordinary person,” said Holt on the making of House Family. “The year I spent documenting her team’s triumphs and struggles served to confirm that. I felt her story and her team’s story merited a full documentary to convey the scope of the good things it’s doing against a backdrop of real life challenges.”

We’re looking forward to it.