We Gotta Ask…Could It Happen Here…?

New York Times: Man Repeatedly Crashes Truck Into Dallas TV Station Building

A man repeatedly rammed a pickup truck into the building of a Dallas television station on Wednesday morning, shattering glass and causing papers to scatter, in what the station described as an intentional act.

After crashing into several floor-to-ceiling windows in the downtown Dallas building, the man exited the truck and “started ranting,” according to the station, KDFW-TV, a Fox affiliate. No one was hurt and the driver is in custody, the station said.

A video from the station showed the man tossing paper into the air and stacking documents outside a door to the building.

“We just saw police running inside and saying, ‘Get to the other side of the building,’” Shannon Murray, a reporter who was inside the newsroom at the time of the crash, said on the station’s morning news show. “It wasn’t clear what the man’s intentions were. He was yelling and trying to show us something.”

Another reporter at the station, Brandon Todd, recorded video on his cellphone of the man holding handwritten notes and photos up to a window at the television station. Mr. Todd said on air that he could not understand everything the man was saying or what was written on the documents, but the man mentioned a sheriff’s department and said that someone had been injured.

“He kept yelling, ‘High treason!’” Mr. Todd said. “He believed he had been clearly wronged and was trying to get some attention.”

Photos that KDFW shared on Twitter showed a police officer holding the man on the ground outside the truck. The Dallas Police Department did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The crash occurred shortly before 7 a.m. during the broadcast of KDFW’s morning news show, and the station said most employees had been evacuated while it continued to broadcast from a secure location. The police blocked off several streets around the building while officers investigated the contents of a bag that the man left at the scene, the station said.