Former Fox61 Reporter Launches Podcast


Former Fox61 investigative reporter Beau Berman has launched a new podcast called RPRTR.  RPRTR, which is short for “reporter”, will feature conversations with local and national reporters, anchors and meteorologists.  According to RPRTR, the podcast is “devoted to picking the brains of news reporters to delve into their daily reporting strategies, experiences and challenges. Reporters also discuss their routines, wildest moments and what they do for fun. With an eye on the state of local journalism, RPRTR aims to be the go-to source for stories from the front lines of local reporting.”

RPRTR is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts or through the link above.  Beau says he’s always looking for new guests, so if any reporters, anchors or meteorologists out there are interested, contact Beau through his LinkedIn page.