Diane & Colin's Last Broadcasts


Remember the scene in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” when Tom, Huck and Joe are presumed dead, but are actually in the back of the church watching their funeral service? Diane, you must have felt like that this morning with all the calls of praise that came in. We’ll be eager to hear about the next step in your career.

The Laurel’s bloggers will be, in one case, preparing for a rockin’ New Year’s Eve, and in another, lying in bed with a nasty cold, but both listening to Colin McEnroe’s last show this afternoon from 3-6 pm.


  1. Boy, is the WTIC management ever misreading the demographics. This year Connecticut voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and defeated the last Republican legislator from New England, Christopher Shays. A couple of years ago Connecticut Democrats stripped Joseph Lieberman of his party’s nomination. Who does WTIC think it’s courting? This isn’t Idaho.