DePrest – 40


WFSB Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest is celebrating 40 years with channel 3.

When he started, the weather was a segment of the evening news that fell between the news itself and the sports. Now it is often the lead story and in some cases runs every ten minutes along with the traffic. You might argue that the 6 o’clock news is actually the weather with some news thrown in for good measure.

In the photo above, The Laurel’s facial recognition software has identified – with 95% certainty – that the bearded gentleman in the foreground is former PM Magazine host Dave Nemeth, while the chin and nose on the right belong to former chief meteorologist Hilton Kaderli, who retired in 1998 and moved to Oklahoma where the wind blows sweeping down the plain – an important factor for a former weatherman in choosing a retirement location.