Dana Whalen


Whalen and Alan Sagal in the Gold Building Newsroom


Long time WTIC-AM news anchor, reporter and newsroom manager Dana Whalen has been let go. Officially, station management reportedly explained the layoff internally as a decision to eliminate the position of news director.

Word of the change came Thursday afternoon through a variety of sources with working knowledge of WTIC’s operations. At least one CBS Radio employee, who is not part of the on-air staff, has also lost her job.

Whalen had been with the station for decades and is known for her near total dedication to the WTIC-AM news product. Over the years she has worked as a street reporter, news anchor, assistant news director and news director. Whalen even wrote editorials for WTIC-AM back in the days when each afternoon drive ended with an editorial read by the station’s senior management.

She and Angela Dias are among the last links WTIC has to its once power house news team which was led by Walt Dibble and included; Bryant Thomas, Alan Sagal, Paul Douglas, Sue Morris and others. She was also a mentor to many WTIC News interns.