CPTV Debuts New Weekly Series


All Things Connecticut, a new weekly series from  Connecticut Public Television, airs tomorrow night (Thursday, April 23 ) at 8 pm. Hosted by Diane Smith, the CPTV press release describes the show as telling ” the stories that make the Nutmeg State a unique place to live, work and play. From the rugged low-tech joys of orienteering to eco-friendly recycled handbags, from fascinating biographies to stunning video essays, this new series focuses on every strange and wonderful facet of Connecticut life.”

A contributing staff of reporters will join Diane on the show. The show’s five segments are Diane’s Positively Connecticut™ plus Spotlight on the Arts, Inside Out, Treading Lightly, and Capturing Connecticut.



  1. Sounds good; I really like Diane Smith.

    The only problem will be that CPTV will either bump it to 2 am or preempt it entirely every 2 of 3 weeks in order to show some fundraising show for the 354th time.

    I mean I really like the Moody Blues and all, but seriously, 100 times?

  2. I’d love to see Diane Smith back on TV. It’d be especially great if say WTIC-TV or the other Hartford stations (NBC30, WFSB) picked her up for news. And I know these are hard times economically, but why can’t CPTV produce their own newscasts – at least in the evening? I think it would be highly credible, minus the sensationalism you find on commercial TV, and appeal to the “NPR-crowd.” If New Jersey can do it (NJN News), why can’t we?!