Colli Leaving Fox CT


George Colli

We’re told that one of our favorite Connecticut TV reporters, George Colli, is leaving Fox CT. Apparently he and management couldn’t come to terms on a new contract. We wish him well and hope this Suffield native stays in the market. We contacted George who said, “I had a great experience at Fox CT and I’ll be forever grateful to (News Director) Coleen Marren and (General Manager) Rich Graziano for giving me this opportunity and the same to all the great people who work there and have become friends.”


  1. George is a good guy. He comes off as informed and genuine. He’s not the flashiest reporter but doesn’t try to be. I’ve only heard positive things about him from people. He seems to know the state and the issues and I hope he lands on his feet.

  2. Class act! He’s earned respect here on Broad Street this week. Stood up for himself and everyone else. Maybe it will finally wake them up that they need to value what they’ve got. Can’t wait to see him pop up on another station. Good Luck, George!

  3. I’ll always remember George Colli being the first reporter to really challenge Jeff Butler at a press conference during the power outage. I was driving in the car after a week without power. He went after him with facts and would not let him off the hook. My wife and I both yelled “YES” at the same time. He gained two fans that day. Wish him the best.

  4. I worked with George when he first started in TV. I was a bit nervous for him but he figured it out. I ran into George again not all that long ago covering the same story, and guess what? He was exactly the same guy. He’ll land on his feet.

  5. I’ve covered many stories with George in New Haven. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen in dealing with people who are suffering through a tragedy. He shows compassion and earns their trust because of it. His personality has made some difficult days bearable for those of us working alongside him. He’s one of the good guys.

  6. I have known Georgie since he was a very young boy. His all family is one of giving. I am a George Colli Fan and will always be. Shame on WtIC. THEY WERE NEVER THE GREATEST. George will find his own way and when he is on the National Stage, they will be sorry. Go Georgie…..John Carollo Leesburg, Florida

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