CCFOI Awards


The Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information will hold its annual awards lunch next Thursday.

Among the winners this year are Pat Sheehan and Paul Giguere of the Connecticut Public Affairs Network(CPAN). CPAN manages CT-N, Connecticut’s version of CSpan. The production company is currently involved in a controversy over how much editorial control lawmakers should have over CT-N content.

The CCFOI has come out strongly in favor of keeping editorial control in the hands of CT-N’s operators.

Other CCFOI award winners this year include: Denis Horgan, Rep. Bob Godfrey, Michele Jacklin and Karin Schwanbeck.

The lunch is at the Pond House in Hartford’s Elizabeth Park at 11:30a.m. The cost is $55 and it is payable at the door.

BTW FYI – Elizabeth Park’s roses are at or near full bloom.

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