Catching up with Brian Shactman

I am sure that many of you recognize Brian Shactman. Whether it is from his stints at MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN Radio or during the morning news at NBC 30, Brian is certainly a familiar face to Connecticut news junkies.
Brian is remembered locally for his days behind the morning news desk at NBC 30 with Keisha Grant. Brian, Keisha, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric…. not a bad way to wake up in the morning. 

Brian ascended to the morning news desk and after a few years was ready to take on another challenge in his career. He was fortunate that the man who hired him in Connecticut – Mark Hoffman –  became president of CNBC and Brian made the move.  He hosts “Worldwide Exchange”on CNBC which reaches over 380 million homes across the globe. One could say that he slightly increased his exposure…

Brian started at CNBC when the DOW was nearing 15,000 and he is now at the epicenter of the biggest story on the planet: the recession. Professionally, Brian says that it has been “the greatest challenge of my career.” CNBC also gives him the opportunity to report through many different outlets. He says that, on a usual day, he spends his time between the show, TV hits for MSNBC and NBC affiliates, as well as radio hits for CNBC. “It makes for a bit of a zany day, but I cannot complain because the pace, challenge and collective talent level are amazing.”

Brian is still connected to his friends here in Connecticut. He is extremely grateful as he learned from some “incredible talents” such as Kevin Nathan (who he calls “the best in the market, by far”), Gerry Brooks and Joanne Nesti.  He loved living in the Nutmeg State and even bought a small cottage in Morris that he and his family often retreat to. Brian also misses the community aspect of local television and still remains on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Special Olympics.

“The truth about television news is sobering.” Brian recognizes the challenges that local news outlets face and that they must breakthrough on the web.  He feels as though Connecticut is unique, however, because it will always need local coverage. Because we do not have a true urban center here in the state, we are fortunate enough to have stations that cover the whole state and there is little geographic bias. “There is room to stay relevant.”

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  1. I was just watching the Weather Channel in Murrells Inlet,SC and saw Brian Shactman on there. I remembered him from NBC 30 in Ct.
    Always liked him and it was nice to see him today! Good luck to you Brian!