Carlson vs. Scarborough


Former White House press secretary Jay Carney once said reporting on politics is the candy store of journalism. That’s because speculation is allowed and encouraged.

Two recent Face the State(WFSB) appearances lead us to this piece of speculation: Could we be headed toward a Fox News vs. MSNBC Republican gubernatorial primary in Connecticut in 2018?

MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough has been raising his profile in Connecticut and has hinted at an interest in running for office here someday. Former GOP chair Chris DePino pushed the rumor this past weekend:

“I’m very excited about Java Joe for governor of Connecticut,” DePino said.  “He has crossover appeal and would get women and urban voters.”  DePino called it “pretty close” to an endorsement.  ~ Source: The Hartfordite

Meanwhile, in a Face appearance that slipped by me when it happened, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson (a Connecticut resident) also talked about a passing interest in running for public office someday and said the job of governor is the one she finds most appealing.

These two weak expressions of interest are all that is needed to get on the list of possible future candidates.