Soledad O’Brien. Photo: Variety

The Stamford production headquarters of NBC is getting its share of attention for its role in the production of the network’s Olympics programming.

New set experimentation is underway at Morning Joe. Judging by what’s been seen on-air, it looks as if MSNBC is going for a double shot of the “Morning Joe” theme with an urban coffee shop look for host Joe Scarborough of New Canaan and his political baristas.

Speaking of MSNBC…Brian Williams may land a temporary permanent assignment as the host of an 11p.m. campaign wrap up show that would run from September to Election Day. The half hour experiment, it might be reasonably speculated, could morph into a late night national newscast, an early Nightline redux, or some kind of hybrid Larry King/Late with Brian Williams thing.

Soledad O’Brien, a Laurel follower, is about to launch a new weekly Sunday morning magazine show for Hearst television stations. It is being described as a show designed to bring less familiar voices into the Sunday morning sphere(or ‘space’ in the present day vernacular). Her company, Starfish Media will produce other shows for Hearst stations as well.