Bang the Drum…Slowly


    Manchester Journal Inquirer editor Chris Powell should get the award…in fact an award should be created in his name…for latching onto an issue and never letting go.

    Once again, Powell is using his space in the JI to call on Connecticut Senate Democrats to take down the picture of the former Lt. Governor T. Frank Hayes which hangs in the Senate caucus room on the third floor of the capitol.

    Hayes was lieutenant governor and mayor of Waterbury at the same time during the 1930’s and was sent to prison on corruption charges. Ironically, Hayes was brought down through the work of Sherwood Rowland, the grand-father of former Governor John Rowland, who himself was caught in a corruption scandal decades later.

    Powell argues Hayes’ portrait should be removed and replaced with the portrait of someone worthy of the honor. Powell has been waging this lonely battle for decades and thus deserves to be honored himself. If Democrats ever decide to take down the portrait, they should allow Powell to do the honors.