…And in Other News…


Now some media headlines from beyond the borders of Connecticut you may be interested in….

Bob Schieffer, the retired CBS News correspondent and host of Face the Nation has already landed one post CBS job. After a few months off he will be walking a college campus near you as he joins the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center at Harvard as a visiting fellow for three semesters. Three semesters that happen to cover the 2016 presidential campaign.

Jake Tapper is moving to Sunday mornings. He’ll be the new host of State of the Union on CNN replacing Candy Crowley who retired earlier this year. His new duties begin on June 14th.

News continues to percolate on the future of NBC’s Brian Williams. There were suggestions in a number of reports over the weekend that NBC leadership has been asked to think of “creative” ways to keep Williams in the NBC family. Appearing on Comedy Central Monday, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour(a graduate of the University of Rhode Island) suggested ISIS will be defeated before Williams returns as a news anchor after she was asked to predict which would happen first.