Always Worth Noting


For years, many people who knew them, or were aware of their early work, wondered what happened to Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson? Did they really believe the bovine scatology they shoveled nightly on Fox “News,” or were they just doing it for the money? Was it all an act? Is it all an act?

We now have our answer – at least with regard to the specific story they willingly sold about the 2020 election – in an apparent effort to hold onto an audience they had brainwashed at the expense of the country that gave them the opportunity to be wealthy, famous, and powerful.

As their future hangs in the balance, their reputations in tatters, it is worth reminding ourselves that Ingraham and Carlson both have strong Connecticut connections. Ingraham grew up in Glastonbury. Carlson(’91) went to school at Trinity College in Hartford. We would like to think their life choices have nothing to do with the town or the school.