Adelson Connection


Sheldon Adelson. Casino owner, GOP funder.

It turns out there is a Connecticut connection to one of the most intriguing mysteries in U.S. journalism this week.

According to Fortune, casino owner Sheldon Adelson is the buyer behind the purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Adelson apparently recruited the services of Michael Schroeder of Connecticut to help him protect his identity as the new owner, at least it seems, until after last night’s Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas. The mystery has been vexing the Las Vegas community and the Review-Journal’s reporters since last week when the paper was purchased for $140 million in cash.

Schroeder owns and operates the New Britain Herald and the Bristol Press. Like Hemingway’s leopard, no one knows how Schroeder found himself in the middle of this deal or what he was seeking at that altitude.