Tribune Publishing Looks to Implement Further “Cost Savings”


A Poynter article has outlined Tribune Publishing’s plan to furlough nonunion employees, but the Hartford Courant’s parent company is also looking to hit an already burdened reporting staff with furloughs.

From a letter to staff by CEO Terry Jimenez:

“We also are actively pursuing cost savings within our unionized workforce with measures that will affect both employees covered by existing collective bargaining agreements and employees who are not.”

According to Poynter, the furloughs will last three weeks throughout the next three months. This comes after Jimenez announced pay cuts for nonunion employees making more than $67,000 a year or more earlier this month.

The CEO’s letter to Tribune employees also stated that “Employees will, alternatively, have the option to apply to leave the company and receive severance in lieu of the furlough.”

Here’s what the Hartford Courant Guild had to say on Twitter: