Slow Down?


As The Laurel predicted when the news first broke, the tentative announcement that White House press secretary Jen Psaki is leaving her job for MSNBC, and might be hosting a show, has some journalists at NBC News concerned, according to CNN.

Previous reports say, Psaki, a Connecticut native, could be joining the network as early as June. She certainly would not be the first government official to land a job in journalism, but the speed with which she would end up as a host – or in the language of a previous era “an anchor” – creates an optics problem for her and the network.

We have long believed Psaki is highly competent and well-suited to follow the path of MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, but Wallace followed a much slower route to the role of host. It was less of a revolving door and more of a long walk.

Speaking of Wallace, she got married over the weekend to New York Times reporter and MSBNC contributor Michael Schmidt.