The anchor shuffle seems complete at CNN where Brianna Keilar has landed as morning co-host with Andover/Harvard graduate (New England ties) John Berman. CNN has decided to let Keilar bring her viral fact checks to the morning show and one of her first took aim at Fox News.

It’s important for us to point out, from time to time, that two of Fox’s biggest names have ties to Connecticut. Tucker Carlson attended Trinity College in Hartford and Laura Ingraham is from Glastonbury.

What is disappointing about this is that both Carlson and Ingraham were once considered smart, conservative, but mainstream in their thinking. In other words, grounded in reality. Which means at some point, in the last decade or so, they made separate decisions to peddle in conspiracy theories, innuendo and dangerous lies, because that’s where the money is. They can’t honestly believe most of what they say. They are both smarter than that.