Regional Leadership, Kate Farrish, and Oh My at CBS Mornings…


In the category of people you may be working for in the future there are leadership changes to report this morning from New York and Massachusetts.

Sarah Burke has been named news director of WCBS television in New York. She will be in charge of WCBS, WLNY, CBSN New York and She was most recently assistant news director at ABC 7 Chicago…

…and Andy Lacombe┬áhas been named news director for Specturm News 1 in Massachusetts. Previously he was an on-air reporter at WCTR in Worcester.

On Journalism

Central Connecticut State University journalism professor and former Hartford Courant reporter Kate Farrish shares a by-line for a piece on about objectivity and the truth in journalism. According to research, even reporters who have lesser concerns about pursuing pure objectivity still value the truth. The survey questioned 167 reporters.

Editor’s Note: There is no truth to the rumor that the survey was conducted by the same firm that determined one in five dentists prefer Trident for their patients who chew gum or that choosy mothers, choose Jif.

From King World

At least one report says CBS will change the name of their morning show to “CBS Mornings.” This move from the land of former WFSBer Gayle King – who leads the show on-air – comes as the cast prepares to move to a new studio at Times Square and takes on Nate Burleson as the new third anchor.

Anthony Mason will remain, playing a key role in the second hour as a culture reporter. But the most bold and perhaps dangerous play CBS is making is to change the format of the second hour so that it more closely resembles CBS Sunday Morning. We won’t know what that means until we see it, but one wonders if a weekday audience – that is on the move – will sit still for that kind of story treatment. Wednesday is not Sunday after all.

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