Photojournalist Decides The Day has Come

Tim Cook. Photo: The Day

Photojournalist Tim Cook will be leaving The Day at the end of this week, according to Cook’s announcement on Twitter last Friday.

Here is Cook’s bio from The Day:

Tim Cook is the New England Press Association’s 2006 Photographer of the Year. In March of 2003 he became the first civilian photojournalist to report live from a U.S. submarine (the U.S.S. Providence) during a wartime patrol. For this correspondence he won the first of four Publick Occurrences Awards for Superior Achievement in Photojournalism by the New England Newspaper Association. Cook and reporter Jennifer Grogan were on assignment in Iraq in March and April 2008. In November 2008, Tim became part of The Day’s multimedia team as a videographer.

“Stay tuned however,” Cook wrote on Twitter. “Exciting news and new venture coming!”