One of These is Not Like the Other


WTIC’s Will Marotti spoke with 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski Tuesday morning in a conversation that was more like sour grapes about a bygone election than providing any factual insight into the Iowa caucuses.

“What’s your take on this Iowa caucus debacle?” Marotti asked.

“I don’t know. It sounds a lot like Connecticut,” Stefanowski replied with laughter. “Where there’s a lot of late votes coming in that no one can account for.”

Let’s recap what Stefanowski said as his bid for governor came to a close in 2018. According to a November 7 CT Mirror article, Stefanowski said Ned Lamont “won fair and square.” His campaign did go to court to challenge ballots that were cast last-minute by college-aged voters–a move that proved to be insignificant.

If Stefanowski wishes to remain relevant, he might do so by productively adding to the conversation surrounding better, easier and more secure voting methods. Wet ballots cast by voters coming in from heavy rain on Election Day 2018 are not congruous to the technological issues faced by the Iowa Democratic Party in the launch of a new app for counting and reporting caucus results.