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The word “legendary” is thrown around a lot, but Andy Thibault is truly a legendary Connecticut reporter.

His colleague Drew Larson tweeted that the Waterbury Republican-American, where Andy has been City Editor for the past three years, has let him go. From Drew:

Yesterday, we learned it was the last day at the @rep-am for city editor Andy Thibault aka @cooljustice. He was hired by the publisher’s father in 2018 because of his experience as an investigator, journalist and teacher. He led without fear or favor. We will never be the same.”

The Laurel has written a lot about Andy as he’s so prolific. There was his work on the Mia Farrow v. Woody Allen case which resulted in his being hired as a researcher for the recent HBO documentary. There’s his book about the world’s greatest counterfeiter, Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio.

Here’s what we wrote in 2018 when Andy was hired by the Republican-American:

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Thibault has worked for the Torrington Register-Citizen, the Hartford Courant, the Norwich Bulletin, the Stamford Advocate and the Connecticut Post. He hasĀ freelanced for several national news organizations, is an author, and has taught journalism at the college level.

He is one of the few reporters in Connecticut who can provoke a sense of fear in public officials simply by placing a phone call or filing an FOI request.

We’re eager to hear what Andy does next. His talent shouldn’t go to waste.



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