NBC CT News Director “Stepping Away”


Memo to staff from NBC Connecticut News Director Janet Hundley:

Hello Team,

In just a few weeks we reach the anniversary of a moment where all our lives changed dramatically, and forever.  We were all immediately forced to isolate from others and innovate in unimaginable ways.  It has been amazing to see what we have accomplished together as a team.

Your safety, your individual success and our success as a station have always been my focus.  I am proud of the measures this team has taken to manage through the Covid-19 pandemic and half way through the February ratings window we are winning at 11pm and a strong number two in almost every other show.  Delivering our ‘Connecting You’ brand every story, every show, every day is a reason for people to watch us.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication during an impossible time telling stories about amazing people in Connecticut.

The last year has taken a toll on all of us, including me.  It has forced me to evaluate myself, my work and my priorities.  I am going to step away from the newsroom for a while to catch my breath and imagine the possibilities.  Thank you for welcoming me to Connecticut.  You are an amazing team and we will forever be connected.  My last day with NBC Connecticut will be April 2nd and we still have a lot to do before I leave.  We are moments away from launching Galaxy.  Our second installment of CT in Color is about to air, we are considering new OTT opportunities, and remember that every day is about serving our audiences across multiple platforms.  All of this is possible because of you.  It is an exciting time to be a part of this industry and more importantly an exciting time to work at NBC Connecticut and NBC Universal.